208 Resolutions Passed (07/13 – 03/31)

The One Cainta Administration, united in action is composed of speedy delivery of our Executive Department headed by Mayor Kit Nieto supported by relevant and timely Legislation through the Sagguniang Bayan headed by Vice Mayor Pia Velasco. In this light, here is the summary update in terms of the number of Resolutions Passed from July 2013 to March 2015.

We are working on getting all of these Resolutions online and accessible for all of our citizens through our page. In the meantime here is the summary breakdown of Resolutions Passed during the term of Vice Mayor Pia Velasco:

  • July to December of 2013 – 61 Resolutions Passed


  • January to December of 2014 – 118 Resolutions Passed


  • January to March 2015 – 29 Resolutions Passed

Please take note that this counter is updated every end of the month to make sure we have taken note of our total number of legislation regularly the last update of this page was on April 6, 2015

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